It is still very much winter in The Netherlands. And although today was unusually sunny and soft, most days are grey, wet and windy. Last Friday, we even woke up to a lovely white blanket of snow! (Unfortunately, it had melted by noon).

So if you crave a bit of warmth, come join us on this tour of the Palmenhaus in Innsbruck Austria. The Palmenhaus is located in the Hofgarten (royal gardens) and contains 1,800 types of plants. The current building was constructed in the 20th century; it is one long glasshouse divided into two sections. Albeit not a big space, it is filled with so many greeneries, you can wander through several times and each time see something new.

The glasshouse was so warm and humid, my lens would fog up. So the trick was to spot what I wanted to capture and then to take the picture really fast.

Hope you enjoy; let’s go!

And now for some cacti love;

Palmenhaus is definitely worth a visit!