Where do you draw the line between what feels good and what is actually good for you?

It has been a bit quiet lately around here as I have been rethinking about what I want to share and in what format. My personal life is going through a lot of changes. These changes are in general good, but they also bring with them shifts and a quest for new balance. I also realized I will have to postpone a dream of mine for a little longer or find another way to realize it.

It will be like that for a bit longer, so I am getting used to it (and maybe that is what life is always all about?). Some periods just have more shifts than others. Altogether it made posting a recipe for a green smoothie (which I owe you because it is so tasty!) a bit out of my current context and perhaps silly?

On the other hand this space is meant as a platform for playing around and therefore nothing should ever be too silly. I guess it is all about what feels good.

In the context of the above I started thinking about the difference between self-care and self-indulgence. What is the fine line between taking care of yourself and giving into your whims ultimately at your own expense? Where do you draw the line between what feels good and what is actually good for you? A very personal question indeed, but think about it; we make choices between the two directions on a daily basis- usually subconsciously. Sleep in or prepare a proper breakfast? Indulge in that candy or take a cup of tea instead? Spend more time on social media or use that extra time to read that book/clean up the bedroom/go for a walk? Go to a workout/yoga class or spend the evening with friends? The right balance is very personal and but it is always about an outlook towards the long-run. Does your body really crave sugar-infused butter or is it a quick fix that ultimately will make you feel worse? Give your body a bit more credit :). Self-care attributes to your mental, physical and emotional health. Sometimes it means taking care of one of these aspects more than the others and sometimes it means doing something in the short-run that does not necessarily feel like a treat at the moment but will benefit your well-being in the long-run (like getting up early so you can move your body instead of snoozing, or opting out of time with friends for some time alone).

That being said today it is a gray and rainy Sunday; I plan not to go out much, definitely will eat some chocolate and will finish the oven mitt I have been crocheting for too long. Nothing very exciting or super healthy. Balance is a personal quest indeed.